Monday, May 3, 2010

Wake Up!

guys...i'm writing here juz to remind u all about musics, stuffs n things nowadays. recently i'v been watching a lot about the truth of illuminati. as u know their symbol is the pyramid with an eye on the top n it is everywhere! recently...i think tis starts long time ago...illuminati spreads xspecially through musics. west singers such as Lady Gaga n so on (i dunno others) r singing illuminati songs which is satanic songs! these satanic songs make u feel sumthing...which i forgot how it is =_= it is written in a vid by Farhan Khan n i forgot which one the vid is (>_<) oh! n yes...try tis another vid from Farhan Khan

other than shows a lot more n it is really obvious. for example, Yu Gi Oh, too obvious. there are so many of their symbols in cartoons n kid' laa...

n the human 'tools' brainwash their fans by doing da hand gestures wher their fans will follow wut they do...tis is also illuminaty symbol, a pyramid
n illuminati also available in fashion

ok...tat mayb too extreme...let's pick up some simpler example of the fashion...

an eye, pyramid n with legs...kinda creepy...

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